The reasons most clients come to Mahoney Lefky? The fact that this firm specializes in business and estate law, the unique energy and dedication the partners bring to their work and, the Mahoney Lefky cost conscious approach to managing the financial implications.

An Open Letter to Clients

To cut right to the chase, there are three reasons you should enter these doors.

A Focus on Business and Estate Law

FIRST, Mahoney Lefky is a business and estate law firm.  We don’t practice family law, or personal injury, or the occasional DUI case.  We practice business law and estate law.  That’s all we do. So, we have come to a better understanding of the financial issues than many attorneys.  The managing partners at Mahoney Lefky have been immersed in business and estate issues for their entire careers.  They are experienced attorneys who live and breathe complex financial matters and their unique problems.

Dedication and Drive 

SECOND, Mahoney Lefky exudes an energy that takes it above and beyond the way most law firms do business.  They carry energy and a connection with their clients that is uncharacteristic of most law firms.  If you’ve ever met Mr. Mahoney, the last thing you would call him is boring.  It’s this energy, this drive, this obsession with getting the client into a better position that benefits Mahoney Lefky clients.


THIRD,  the cost conscious approach that Mahoney Lefky applies to every client situation is a huge advantage .  As a specific part of our process, the managing partners at Mahoney Lefky are constantly looking at the bottom line to make sure that your matter is making financial sense.  Sometimes it simply makes to the most sense to keep the money and run!

So, those are the three reasons you ought to take a closer look at Mahoney Lefky.  We are experienced business and estate attorneys.  The energy level with which we apply our financial acumen to client problems puts us a notch above most of our peers. And, there’s our innate cost consciousness as applied to every case that comes in the door.  

If you are in need business or estate legal solutions you need to give us a call.  


Michael C. Mahoney, esq.
Barbara J. Lefky , esq.

Over half our clients come from referrals – from clients, from other attorneys, even from attorneys who have been opposite us in previous matters.