Mahoney Lefky specializes in complex business legal matters, trust and estate planning. The firm is actively looking for new talent and eager potential associates.

An Open Letter to Colleagues

Dear Fellow Attorney: 

You’re only here for one of three reasons: you’re checking us out because you’re on the other side; you’re thinking it might be nice to practice law in Wayzata; or you might want to refer a client.  No matter.  You’re welcome regardless.  

On the other side?

If you’re on the other side (or, thinking you might be), give us a call.  Our culture is pretty much transparent.  We believe in the rules.  We always proceed in a civil and respectable manner.  We’re basically friendly.  We like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Now if you’re one of those grouchy, disagreeable attorneys who are angry at the world – don’t bother calling.  Other than that, we like attorneys.  Attorneys are some of our best friends.  So, pick up the phone and say, “Hello!”

Want to join us?

If you’re thinking you’d like to practice law in Wayzata, give us a call. We’re growing.  We are carefully building a larger firm.  You could be part of that growth.  We want superior, energetic, potential partners who share our values about the law.  

Have a case to refer to us?

And, if you’re thinking about referring a case here, you’ll be in good company.  Over 60% of our work comes into the firm as referrals from other attorneys.  Generally, the referrals we get are more complex than the average case.  Those are what we refer to as the “Gordian Knot” of a client’s legal problems.  We’re tenacious.  We like to dig into those complex problems and find the right answer for the client.  

The bottom line is if you’re an attorney – and, you find yourself here – don’t hesitate to give us a call.  


Michael C. Mahoney, esq.
Barbara J. Lefky , esq.

We’re only 25 minutes from the courthouse downtown; 10 minutes from Ridgedale; and just 5 minutes from Lake Minnetonka!